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Beyond the Classroom

These girls can and, here at Roedean, they do.

Regardless of whether your daughter’s aspirations are to represent her nation at the Olympics or to participate in sports recreationally, her experience of physical activity at Roedean will be an enjoyable, rewarding and memorable one. This is because Roedean recognises and celebrates the significant role that sport plays in the development of girls. We do this by creating a culture that leaves girls feeling empowered, confident to take part in a range of physical activities and motivated to pursue a lifetime of physical activity. The experienced Physical Education Department do this by fostering and enhancing the girls’ enjoyment of a variety of activities. They do this through encouragement, making sure that the girls are focused on improving their personal best and having fun with friends along the way. We have specialist teachers and coaches, which enables us to provide an individualised, competitive programme. We are inspired by the evidence surrounding the continuously changing world of youth development and we make sure that we use this information to develop our practice.

Fixtures and Results

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Roedean Sport

Kate Wakeling

Director of Sport

The Lawrence sisters (our founders) placed the sports pitches at the front of the school so that the world could see women playing sports. So we’ve always had a strong heritage: from hosting the Lacrosse World Cup against the USA in 1951 to being the school with the most netball courts in Sussex today.

“The record of achievement in a range of sports is outstanding, and pupils say they enjoy the opportunity for participation in myriad school fixtures, whatever their level of competence.”

— ISI 2021 —

Development Program

The development program is pupil-centered with pupils taking part in a rotation of activities in single PE including, strength and conditioning, gymnastics, tennis, athletics and swimming. Double PE lessons follow the major sports route, with Hockey in the Autumn Term, Netball in the Spring and Cricket in the Summer. Games offers the opportunity for weekly fixtures during Year 7 and 8 and a variety of choices from Year 10 onwards. The co-curricular program is peppered with squad practices and 21 different activities, including karate, fencing, horse-riding, golf, tennis, yoga and gymnastics. Pupils leave with the knowledge and understanding that taking part in physical activity is important for their mental, social and physical health, as well as leaving with the skills to be able to put this into practice.

Competitive Sport

Roedean has grown to become competitive and successful in sports. We compete in tournaments across 14 different sports – that’s approximately 600 fixtures a year – and our results are outstanding. This can be seen in School, where we have reached our aims in every single year group for specific sports, and our success can also be measured by our Old Roedeanians, who have used the skills and behaviours learned on the pitch to support them in their chosen careers after Roedean. Skills such as time management, self-awareness, team-work, confidence, motivation, goal setting and self-discipline have helped our girls navigate university, jobs and adversity when things haven’t gone to plan.

Sport in the Community

Community-led events that bring the school together are at the very heart of the department, such as Race for Life, parents’ and daughters’ tennis, family rounders, staff-versus-student netball and hockey fixtures, Old Roedeanian Sea-Swimming, and House netball and hockey matches. They echo the department’s belief that we are a pupil-centred school with a pupil-centred Sport department who believes in your daughter’s journey, whatever that may be.

Space to be…

Mr Jonny Meardon (Head of Strength and Conditioning)


I am now one year in to completing my PhD, researching neuromuscular fatigue when comparing velocity-based training to more traditional methods.
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I was part of the cross-channel relay earlier this year, which was a huge achievement for me, being the youngest on the team.
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    Pupil teacher ratio in games lessons to ensure progress for each pupil 


    Different sporting codes competing, 116 teams and 719 fixtures


    Flood-lit hockey pitch 


    Netball / tennis courts

    “Sports. In a word: covered! An all-weather pitch was recently added to Roedean’s collection of floodlit courts which stand below the main buildings on the hillside overlooking the sea.”


    Muddy Stilettos