Academic Ethos


Dynamic teaching nurtures academic curiosity, independence, and self-confidence; with Roedean girls encouraged to develop originality and creativity, both in character and thinking.

Passing exams and assimilating knowledge is obviously important. But it is more valuable to learn to think deeply, critically, and spontaneously, and to challenge and question what is learned.

To complement learning within the classroom, we offer wide-ranging academic opportunities outside of it – benefitting studies and building a breadth and depth of understanding.

Specialist Teachers

Our specialist teachers are talented, dedicated and, most importantly, infectiously passionate about their subjects. This helps ensure that lessons are purposeful, yet relaxed; with strong professional relationships between teachers and students enabling productive learning that’s paced to individual needs.


62nd in The Times League table for A-Level A*-B results 


83 %

87% A Levels awarded A*- B

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74.3 %

74.4% GCSEs awarded Grades 9-7 (A**- A)

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Assessment is designed to support the learning process, providing opportunities for girls to demonstrate their understanding and move on. Feedback plays a crucial role in the process and is always designed to identify key strengths and specific areas for improvement. Girls learn that making mistakes is a natural and essential part of the learning process, and they are encouraged to embrace this and learn from the feedback offered to help them to improve.

Beyond Roedean

Roedean provides an academic springboard which enables students to achieve excellent examination results and to leave to study at top universities, primarily in the UK (although universities in Europe and America are increasingly popular). However, learning doesn’t just happen at school or university. We hope that our students will draw on the skills developed here throughout their lives.

At Roedean, we encourage high aspirations and a willingness to take intellectual risks. With the right support and a confident approach, girls can leave us believing that anything is possible.