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Results & Destinations


Our High-flying Girls 

Year 11 Results (2023)

Our latest GCSE results show a remarkable 57.8%% of 9-8 Grades, with 32.1% of all results at Grade 9. 74.3% of examinations were awarded Grades 9-7, which constitutes a remarkable increase of 6% on 2019 results.

These results are the best ever in non-Covid times. Fourteen outstanding candidates were awarded nine or more Grade 9s, with 130 between them – that is 11% of the year-group with at least nine of the top elite grades.  Within this number, seven students have ten or more Grade 9s, including two who have unbroken strings of 9s, one with twelve and a second with eleven.

GCSE 2023GCSE 2019
932.1% 33%
9-8 57.8%52%
9-6 88.1%83%
9-4 98.1%98%

A Busy Summer for Galina Ends with Top GCSE Results

Congratulations to Galina, who has been awarded ten excellent grades at GCSE, including seven at Grades 9-8, equivalent to the old A*. During the holidays, she has performed in a world première of The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair with the National Youth Musical Theatre – not only did she play four instruments, but she also met the author and worked with the composer. Galina has shadowed professional musicians in the West End too, and all these experiences have confirmed her commitment to becoming a professional musician. Well done, Galina!

Excellent GCSE Grades for Gabriella and Olivia

Congratulations to Gabriella and Olivia, who have been achieved 18 GCSEs between them, including eight at Grades 9-7, equivalent to the old A*-A. From Eastbourne, the twins are loving their time at Roedean, and they are looking forward to Sixth Form life, as well as focusing on A Levels in the subjects they are most interested in.

Both are taking A Levels in English Literature, History, and Politics, and also perhaps Spanish or Philosophy and Ethics. Well done!

Year 13 Results (2023)

The Class of 2023 have achieved remarkable A Level results, with 28.2% of all grades at A*, and 55.5% at A*-A.  

Nine students, 10% of the cohort, achieved straight A* grades, with 29 top grades between them, and almost one third of the students were awarded all A* and A Grades.  Underlining their calibre, over half of the year-group were awarded at least one A* grade, and the percentage of grades at A* far exceeds all previous results excluding the Covid years – there is no doubt that they are the product of outstanding diligence and commitment to success.

Overall, 73% of the cohort achieved the grades for their first-choice university, including Oxbridge.

A Level 2023A Level 2019
Grade A* 28.2%22.4%
Grade A* – A 55.5%55.9%
Grade A* – B 83%77.9%
Grade A* – C 94.9%94.3%

3 A* Grades at A Level for Keira – Outstanding!

Keira, who has been at Roedean for 7 years, has achieved a remarkable haul of three A* grades in Art, Politics, and Spanish. She is absolutely delighted that all her hard work paid off, as are her Mum and Dad – ‘my parents started sobbing’, she laughed. In October, she starts an exciting degree course in Liberal Arts and Sciences at Birmingham University – Keira likes the fact that she will have so many options, and that the course allows her to keep so many doors open. ‘It’s a great place, and all my friends are within a two-hour radius too.’ Good luck, Keira!

A*A*A* and a Distinction for Betty

Congratulations to Betty, who has been awarded A*A*A* in Art, Maths, and Physics, as well as a Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art! She was one o the trailblazers for an exciting new opportunity for exceptional    artists at Roedean – she took her A Level in Art in Year 12 after just one year, achieving a top grade, and then she completed her Art Foundation course. This is normally only open to university students, so she has done brilliantly to get this qualification, particularly with Distinction. Betty will be starting her degree in Architecture in October at Edinburgh University. Well done, and good luck!