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Partnership & Outreach

Beyond the Classroom

As part of our holistic ethos, we’re committed to making a real difference and playing a meaningful role in the local community and beyond.

That means our students choose to participate in a wide variety of fulfilling opportunities – from charity work to volunteering and partnerships.

St Mark’s Partnership

Roedean formed a strong partnership with St Mark’s Primary, less than one mile from our School, and it has been going strong for six years – by focusing a wide range of activities on one school, the Roedean community has been able to make a marked and tangible difference to the children’s lives and educational experience.

As well as making an impact, Roedean girls derive great pleasure from working with the St Mark’s children, as well as developing a range of skills, including leadership and communication. From September 2021 to May 2022, Roedean students have contributed 882 hours to the partnership with St Mark’s School. In addition, Roedean staff have contributed 205.5 hours, and St Mark’s pupils have benefited from 7,724 hours of teaching and support.

One year-group from St Mark’s visits Roedean every week for a programme sporting and academic enrichment, led by Roedean staff – as well as trying a range of sports and enjoying our site, they learn Philosophy, Coding, Russian, and many more.

Reading buddies

Roedean Academy 2022-2023

The aim of the Academy is to bring together like-minded students with high aspirations from the local area, to debate and discuss, as a preparation for Sixth Form study. About 120 students from 7 local state schools come to the School on a weekly basis to join with Roedean girls for an enrichment programme which lasts eight weeks in the Spring term, as well attending other activities in the Autumn and Summer terms. In each session, the students have a choice of 5-6 supra-curricular modules, offered by Roedean staff, including topics about languages, science, classics, history, and politics. They also present academic papers to an audience of their peers, having undertaken research independently over the course of the year.

CAP and Junior CAP 2022-2023

The Community Action Programme, undertaken by every girl in Year 12, has dedicated time every Wednesday afternoon. The girls relish the chances they have to develop their leadership and communication skills. The CAP programme includes Community Music (preparing concerts for local institutions), charity fundraising, and Hope in the Valley (riding for the disabled).

In addition, every year-group in School has a dedicated charity and partner institution, such as St Mark’s or the Blind Veterans, in order to focus their attention on specific groups who will benefit from their work.

Blind veterans

“Pupils of all ages are socially aware, working effectively with others to solve problems and achieve common goals.”

— ISI 2021 —

The Junior Roedean Academy (JRA)

JRA brings over 150 Year 5 pupils to Roedean for an eight-week programme of enrichment activities. This takes place in the Autumn and Spring terms, and students in Year 12 can choose this as their CAP activity, allowing them to share their passions and knowledge with the children.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

We always have an excellent participation rate for both Bronze and Silver awards. In 2022, 88 students completed Bronze DofE and 73 completed Silver, and these numbers are increasing every year.

Wild Fridays

All Year 7 students participate in this programme, which takes them outside for two periods every Friday afternoon, communing with nature and appreciating our wonderful surroundings. They learn a variety of skills, such as how to trim a sheep’s hooves, building a fire, land-yachting, and identifying local flora and fauna.

Our Farm

The Farm continues to be very popular with students, and Farm Club runs as part of the Co-Curricular programme four days a week, with 20 different students attending every day for activities – a highlight of the calendar is lambing. There are 12 sheep, 3 goats, and chickens and Indian runner ducks.


Roedean students contributed 936 hours to St Mark’s in 2021/22


Roedean donated 100 hot meals to Off the Fence


Roedean welcomed 9 Ukraine students


Roedean staff contributed 643 hours to partnership activities in 2021/22

Charity Overview

The school community undertakes numerous activities to raise funds for our chosen charities for this year, Raystede and the Brighton Hummingbird Project, as well as on-going support for the ten girls we sponsor around the world through PlanUK’s #BecauseIAmAGirl campaign. We also send food each week to our local partner charity, Off the Fence, which works with the homeless in Brighton.

Ukrainian Refugee Scholarships at Roedean

In response to the crisis, Roedean was keen to support refugees from Ukraine and 9 students who are living with host families locally have been awarded day places with 110% funding over two years.

Partner benefited from 16,768 hours of activities in 2021/22.