School Life

Healthy Eating

We integrate a whole-school ethos towards healthy eating – helping pupils to perform effectively, concentrate better and improve their general wellbeing. If the girls are properly nourished and hydrated, it undoubtedly helps them to work and play.

Encouraging informed food and drink choices hopefully contributes to lifelong healthy eating habits. That’s why we articulate engaging messages about healthy eating throughout the girls’ school journey – fostering a positive relationship with food.

Our dining room is a convivial place where all the girls and staff come together like a big family. This is quality time when girls socialise together and staff can make the most of informal opportunities to check in with the girls.

As a school that celebrates diversity, we make a concerted effort to serve meals that represent the different nationalities within Roedean. We also rotate our menus regularly, prepare themed meals, offer as many options as possible, and consistently cater for special dietary requirements.

Sample Menu

Salad Bar – Main Dining Room

Horizons Cafe

Main Dining Room

Horizons Cafe