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School Day

School Life

Our school day incorporates six lessons and two activity sessions, as well as a break mid-morning, lunch in the Dining Rooms, and a tea in the House ODRs once lessons finish.

Whether a Day girl or a Boarder, all girls can take a full and active part in any of the wonderful co-curricular activities on offer – such as music rehearsals, clubs or sports training sessions – until around 5pm…

  • A typical day
    6.40 – 7am Boarders – Wake up by yourself
    7 – 8am Breakfast (House 1-4 in Dining Rooms)
    7 – 8am Breakfast (Lawrence and Keswick in Keswick Dining Room)
    7.40am Registration in the ODR / Lawrence Kitchen / Keswick Common Room
    Before / After Breakfast Getting ready for School
    8.15am Boarders – Leave the House for School
    Day girls – arrive on buses
    8.20 – 8.45am Tutor and Registration
    8.45 – 9.35am Lesson 1
    9.40 – 10.15am Lesson 2
    10.30 – 10.50am Break
    10.50 – 11.40am Lesson 3
    11.45 – 12.35am Lesson 4
    12.35 – 1.10pm Lunch
    1.10pm Activity 1 – co-curricular programme or Prep
    2.00pm Lesson 5
    2.55 – 3.45pm Lesson 6
    4.00pm Tea in House
    4.00pm On Fridays – school ends – day girls depart at 4.15pm on buses
    5.15pm Day girls depart on buses
  • Weekday evenings
    5.40pm Tea in House
    5.40pm Boarders evening registration (ODR / Lawrence Kitchen / Keswick Common Room)
    6pm Supper in Dining Rooms or Keswick Dining Room
    7pmPrep, in Junior Prep Room / Rooms / Study Rooms / Keswick Hall
    8pmEvening activity, Free Time, Boarding or Yeargroup Activity
    9-9.30pmElectronic devices handed in for specific year group and final registration

A Day In The Life Of… 


“The bus into school gets in at about 8.15am, then we go into form time. It’s a good time to catch up with your friends and start the morning, but sometimes I do use the time to do some prep from earlier in the week. As Art is a passion of mine, I really enjoy Art lessons. It’s also why I chose it as a GCSE subject. However, I’m always looking forward to Maths lessons since Maths is also another favourite subject of mine. We can do up to two activities a day, one after lunch and one after school. My favourite activity this term is probably the Student Newspaper since I feel like it will be a very interesting way to learn more about what’s going on around school. Once our final lesson is over at 3.45, I always head over the Houses for tea, which ranges from samosas to doughnuts – and there’s always fruit, too! Then it’s time for our second activity slot before heading home on the bus at 5.15!”


“My name’s Alicia and I am a full boarder in House 3. I normally wake up between 7 and 7:30am depending on whether my House is on early or late breakfast – which are on a weekly rotation. There’s lots to choose from, such as a full English breakfast, cereals or fruit and yoghurt. You can also get hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and different juices. We then join our Tutor groups at 8:20. Tutor time is an opportunity to socialise with your tutor group, maybe do some prep and some fun activities like watch Newsround, do quizzes, and play games. During the day, we have six periods plus two activity slots. It’s safe to say that Roedean lunches are my favourite part of the day most of the time!
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