Pastoral Care

School Life

Each girl, each family, and each situation is different. That’s why we offer individualised support that allows the school and families work together to ensure that every girl can thrive in her own unique way.

Calm & Nurturing: Our Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is at the heart of what we do and at the heart of every student’s success: we understand it, we care about it, and we prioritise it. Our school culture is grounded in holistic and embedded pastoral care. This provision is understood by every member of staff and accessed by every student. We take responsibility for our students, and we teach them to take responsibility for themselves.

“Pupils of all ages demonstrate a tangible maturity and depth in the quality of understanding about their own personal growth, having many opportunities to develop this. They emphasised the importance of kindness, fulfilling the school’s aim that they should develop a generosity of spirit, tolerance and compassion… They show empathy towards each other and are inclusive of others in lessons and in their social relationships.”

—ISI Report November 2021

At Roedean, pastoral care is truly ingrained in our culture. Our team of Pastoral Managers is available to the girls every day for support, advice, encouragement, and practical help.

Above all, we listen. We make sure every voice is heard. And we nurture the innate capacity within every girl to leave school as a confident, independent individual, well-equipped to meet both life’s inevitable challenges and exciting opportunities head on.

  • Meet the Pastoral Team

Rachel Hart

Deputy Head: Pastoral & DSL

“With strong pastoral foundations, pupils can succeed academically and in other elements of school life.”

Pastoral Care: Student Outcomes

Academic Success

Emotional Intelligence     

Resilient Self-Support

Balance and Contentment


Compassionate Relationships

Communication Skills

High Expectations

Willingness to Challenge

“At Roedean we are nurtured to become the strong independent women we will grow up to be. We have a pastoral community who will always go out of their way to support you.”

—Kate Shortell, Pastoral Prefect (Year 13)

Health Centre

This exceptional on-site facility offers pupils everything that you would expect from a standard doctor’s surgery. The nursing team is available each day and a doctor holds surgeries twice a week. Key services include providing first aid, administrating medications, assessing health needs, providing confidential health advice, running immunisation programmes, and supporting students with disabilities or long-term conditions.