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At Roedean, I have had so many opportunities, both academic and co-curricular. The one that stands out the most was when I was part of the cross-channel relay earlier this year, which was a huge achievement for me, being the youngest on the team.

“The record of achievement in a range of sports is outstanding, and pupils say they enjoy the opportunity for participation in myriad school fixtures, whatever their level of competence.”

— ISI 2021 —


“I have always been interested in teaching as a way of sharing my passion for languages.”
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“I see my role in the school as being a presence denoting peace and calm”
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“We raced the school’s car at the competition’s Goodwood circuit.”
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“This is such a musical school! It’s a real pleasure to work with the girls here and I love the creative and collaborative nature of my role.”
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“My favourite thing about boarding is that it’s like living with your friends.”
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“I am now one year in to completing my PhD, researching neuromuscular fatigue when comparing velocity-based training to more traditional methods.”
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“I like attending Farm Club because it’s a nice break from the hustle and bustle of school; it’s fairly quiet and it just feels calming to be outside, and not focussing on lessons or schoolwork.”

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Phil Halsey


Maths Teacher (and former head ‘farmer’)
“For over five years, the Rodean farm, located within our own grounds, has encouraged girls to use our wonderful outside space.”

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Dr Ross Barrand (Deputy Head: Co-Curriculum and Partnerships)

It is my great privilege to oversee the Co-Curriculum and to further the School’s holistic ethos, providing a rounded and varied education.


“Every Sixth Form student can be successful with the right guidance, motivation and sense of positive self-worth; empathy for themselves and for others is a key feature of our Sixth Form ethos.”
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“I believe that Geography is an essential choice of subject for 2023; it’s so relevant, and extremely fun to teach!”
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“Getting the girls involved in the Farm is truly special. Seeing the girls grow in confidence and knowledge on the Farm is very rewarding.”
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“My favourite part of Roedean is definitely the support I get as a Performing Arts student. My confidence has rocketed in my two years here!”
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“I love the crafts in the evening, and game nights, which get quite competitive!”
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Ruth Sambrook

“I enjoy being creative and attempting to delight people. Many parents have said that my pastries are the best they’ve ever eaten.”


“I share a room with two other girls, which is really fun because they’re always there!”
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“Sport has always played a significant role in the development of every pupil – and continually provides development challenges like no other.”
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“I love how Roedean has so many unique and meaningful experiences to offer to students.”
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“We participated in the NASA: Cubes in Space competition.”
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“I always head over to the Houses for tea, which ranges from samosas to doughnuts – and there’s always fruit too!”
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“I have loved immersing myself in all Performing Arts opportunities at Roedean, including being the Musical Director of Six the musical last year”
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