Scholarships are awarded as recognition of excellent previous achievement and capacity to flourish and deepen interests within Roedean’s holistic learning environment. 

Roedean scholars and award holders play a vital role in demonstrating, modelling, and championing the values which are at the heart of making Roedean an exceptional school. Scholars and award holders challenge themselves, and others, to excel in embodying these values, within and outside the school.

Who Can Apply?

From 1 September 2023, scholarships are available to all students (UK-based and international) entering Roedean in Years 7, 9 and 12 as well as current Roedean students moving up into Years 9 and 12 in 2024.

Scholarship Funding

A scholarship is awarded as recognition of excellence. A student who is awarded a scholarship(s), will receive a £2500 fee remission annually, provided the scholarship level(s) is/are maintained.

What Awards are Available?

Academic Scholarships: Academic scholarships are awarded to academically able students.

Scholarships in Practical Areas: Scholarships are available in Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Performing Arts and Sport. Ability and potential are taken into consideration as part of the awarding process.

Discretional Awards:

  • Lawrence Scholarship: Most prestigious all-round scholarship available at Roedean School.
  • Newnham Scholarship: Most prestigious academic award.
  • Sussex Scholarship: Applicants who combine academic excellence with an area of specialism.

Although students may apply for an academic scholarship or/as well as up to two scholarships in the practical areas of specialism, the maximum award structure is:

  • An academic scholarship with one practical scholarship
  • One practical scholarship

For more information please email or call the Roedean Admissions Team.

  • Academic

    Who should apply?
    Years 7 and 9: Students should be high achievers, academically, and strong across a range of subjects.
    Year 12: Students should be high achievers, academically, and strong across the range of subjects. The student should have predicted GCSE grades of 7+ across all subjects.


    Years 7 and 9:
    • Entrance tests (Maths, English, Verbal, and Non-Verbal Reasoning)
    • Interview in which you will be expected to demonstrate your  intellectual curiosity.

    Year 12:
    • Results of Entrance Testing as well as an Academic Scholarship paper
    • Interview in which you will be expected to demonstrate your intellectual curiosity.

    ** International students who study abroad will write the exam online and have their interview online.

    A Leading Role: The Academic Scholars embody passion, intellectual curiosity, and enthusiasm for learning. They have opportunities to mentor their peers and younger pupils through running societies, being a part of the Academic Mentoring Project, delivering lectures as part of the Roedean Academic Lectures or the Roedean Symposium, or becoming an Academic Prefect.

    The Roedean Academic Lectures run weekly. Visiting academics have in the past included: Mr Nicholas Skilbeck (conductor), Dr Peter Vardy (philosopher) and Dr Aya Abdalla (Natural Science). Academic Scholars can present their own lectures or run seminars on topics that interest them within this context.

    Working towards Mastery: Roedean is committed to providing challenging opportunities for all in curriculum lessons. In addition, we provide access to a range of national competitions.

    Showcasing: All pupils are invited to share their academic passions and interests in several ways throughout the academic year. This might be by participating in a debate, by presenting an academic lecture, chairing a question-and-answer panel, entering a competition or many more besides.

    Older students are invited to pursue their academic passions by participating in the Y12 Academic Poster conference and the Roedean Symposium, and by having the option to complete the EPQ.

    Community and Outreach: Academic Scholars in KS3 can work with St Mark’s Primary school as reading ambassadors, as well as to be Language Buddies.
    Academic Scholars in KS4 are at the heart of the Roedean Academy, an academic based partnership programme that aims to provide a high level and enriching academic experience for students from Roedean and local state comprehensives.

    Academic Scholars in KS5 work with the local community through the Community Action Programme. We also have an annual interview exchange and dinner with pupils from Lancing College for our Oxbridge and Early University entrants.

    Trips and Workshops: All Academic Scholars have full access to a wide range of subject-based day trips, as well as residential trips overseas. A snapshot of recent trips includes to the British Museum, The Battle Fields in Ypres, A Sixth Form Reading Trip to Florence, Language trips to France and Spain, and an exchange visit with Roedean South Africa. In addition, students have a variety of seminars, lectures and visiting workshops as part of the co-curricular programme ranging from CAD programming in the F24 Electric Car project to a Macbeth workshop for English students.

    Mentoring: Academic Scholars can meet regularly with subject mentors in their priority subjects as well as with the Assistant Head: Academic Enrichment & Support to discuss their progress and the opportunities available to them.

  • Brighthelm Award (Academic Scholarship)

    Brighthelm Awards, which are a combination of both scholarship and means-tested funding, are available for girls joining in Years 7 and 12 who are currently in the state sector and living within a radius of 20 miles of the school. Brighthelm students are highly motivated and academically confident. They are aspirational students with a thirst for knowledge, who can demonstrate a positive and flexible approach to learning and an ability to integrate fully into a new academic environment.

    Families applying will also need to complete a means-tested Bursary Form

    Who should apply?

    Year 7: Students must be in the top of the Year 6 ability range in English and Maths.

    Year 12: Students must have GCSE predicted grades of all 7-9s across all their subjects

    Years 7 and 9:

    • Entrance tests (Maths, English, Verbal, and Non-Verbal Reasoning)
    • Participate in an interview in which you will be expected to demonstrate your intellectual curiosity.

    Year 12:

    • Results of Entrance Testing as well as an Academic Scholarship paper
    • Participate in an interview in which you will be expected to demonstrate your intellectual curiosity.

    ** International students who study abroad will write the exam and have their interview online.

  • Sport

    Who should apply?

    Years 7, 9 and 12 students applying for a Sport scholarship must display a high level of performance and skill/ talent, or show outstanding potential, in at least one of our major sports: Hockey, Netball, Swimming and Cricket. Awards may also be considered in Tennis and Athletics.

    Years 7, 9 and 12 students will:
    • Complete a practical assessment, which will include some or all our major sports. In addition to their skills in any given sport, students will be tested on their decision making and problem-solving qualities.
    • Students wishing to be considered in Swimming and Athletics should submit their official times (Power of 10) when making their scholarship application.
    • Have an interview in which students will be expected to demonstrate their passion and curiosity in sport.

    Sport Scholar’s Programme

    A Leading Role: Sports Scholars embody resilience, teamwork, and a passion for being active and achieving their ambitions on the field. Sport Scholars will actively embrace opportunities to represent the school in fixtures every weekend as well as improving and moving their comfort zone into exciting new areas by attending training sessions.

    They will take every opportunity to engage with club sport outside school, will relish working with others as part of a team and will realise their independent pursuits with leadership and determination.

    Working Towards Mastery: The Sports Scholarship Programme revolves around the principles of long-term athletic development and three key pillars:

    1. Strength & Conditioning and Fundamental Movement Skills: Sports Scholars work closely with a strength and conditioning coach who has a huge amount of knowledge and experience on training, nutrition, and lifestyle management. They will train throughout the year and will be assisted by a strength and conditioning programme designed around their individual needs. Their physical foundations will be developed, their functional movement skills will be improved, and they will gain a greater awareness of their own bodies. In short, they will become familiar with the principles of training: nutrition, performance, rest, and recovery. All of this will benefit their sport and will also provide them with a physical foundation from which they will benefit for the rest of their lives.

    2. Skill development and tactical awareness: Scholars will receive outstanding coaching from the PE department, many of whom are still competing at the highest level, which will test and improve their technical skill levels and ensure that they continue to make progress and embrace challenges. Just as importantly, Sport Scholars will be encouraged to develop their thinking skills so that they are able to take risks and learn from mistakes. In this way, they will gain an understanding of the game, its wider context and learn how to adapt and thrive in unfamiliar circumstances.

    3. Showcasing: We have a full fixture list every Saturday, plus a series of midweek friendlies and cup matches, all of which provide our pupils with opportunities to compete. Roedean benefits from 11 netball courts, a floodlit hockey pitch, a 25m swimming pool, sports hall and strength and conditioning gym. The school also has excellent club links, including Magic, SNC and Brighton & Hove Hockey Club and many of our Sports Scholars play club sport together outside school.

    Community and Outreach: Coaching younger students in a variety of sports is a key aspect of the Sports Scholars’ role. They also can join our Sports Leaders programme, working with a local primary school and volunteer at the Brighton Marathon, and the Roedean Hockey Academy.

    Trips and Workshops: The pupils benefit from masterclasses in our four major sports and benefit from training sessions at Surrey Sports Park with Surrey Storm to trips to the Amex Stadium to watch Brighton play or to the Nature Valley International in Eastbourne to see the tennis. There are pre-season camps too. Sports Scholars have fortnightly talks, many of which include outside speakers, cooking healthy pre-game snacks and personality tests.

    Mentoring: Sports Scholars will be paired with a member of the PE department, who will become their mentor. They will help set targets, analyse performance, and ensure they strike a healthy balance in their life, both in and out of school. In addition, they will have the opportunity to receive advice and support from our sports ambassadors, Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh, Olympic Gold medal winning hockey players.

  • Performing Arts

    Who should apply?

    Years 7, 9 and 12 students who:
    • Have a natural stage presence, have a good sense of performance, demonstrating imagination and creativity, and show leadership potential.
    • Have experience of performance, ideally, including some key roles, in at least two of the following: drama, dance, singing or musical theatre.
    • Sing to a good standard.
    • Have at least some dance experiences.


    Years 7, 9 and 12 students will:
    • Take part in a dance workshop assessing the student’s ability to pick up and retain choreography, as well as your improvisation skills.
    • Be required to perform a contemporary monologue that is age appropriate and a contemporary musical theatre song, showcasing a contrast to the monologue.
    • Have an interview in which the student will discuss their performance and their experience of performing arts and musical theatre.

    ** International students who study abroad will be required to submit the assessment tasks via digital means and will have an online interview.

    Performing Arts Scholars’ Programme

    A leading role: Performing Arts Scholars are ambassadors for performance at Roedean. They will fully embrace the Performing Arts, and opportunities both to perform and to support in these areas. As they rise through the school, they will be able to support younger students in performance, such as in House Drama, House Dance and House Music, workshops, clubs, and choreography and direction in school productions.

    Trips and workshops: We plan a programme of trips and workshops throughout the year to inspire and engage our performers. This includes:

    • Workshops with West End professionals.

    • Workshops in all three disciplines delivered by Roedean staff.

    • Theatre trips to plays, musicals and dance shows.

    • Masterclasses

    Working towards mastery: Within the Performing Arts departments we offer an excellent provision of co-curricular lessons in Dance, Drama and Singing (Musical Theatre), including the opportunity to take examinations. Opportunities to develop performance and production skills are also available through a range of co-curricular activities and bespoke workshops in all areas.

    Showcasing: Performing Arts Scholars will be enthusiastic to seize as many performance opportunities as they can throughout their time at Roedean. As well as school productions, we also value their contributions during key events, such as Open Days, Speech Day and Roedean Day, and presenting in assemblies and chapel services. Those who wish to share skills outside of the immediate spotlight will have myriad opportunities to get involved, be it with directing, choreographing, stage managing, costume designing and so on. Our departments are keen to support and develop the interests and talents of all.

    Community outreach: There is the opportunity to be Performance ambassadors in schools and community organisations with whom we have a partnership, bringing skills and experience to the wider community. Additionally, school performances often provide opportunities to raise money for the charities and institutions that our pupils have chosen to support.

    Mentoring: Performing Arts Scholars can meet regularly with subject mentors in the Performing Arts departments to discuss their progress and the opportunities available to them, be these specialised in one area, or across two or three areas.

  • Drama

    Who should apply?

    Years 7, 9 and 12 students who have experience in several performances, preferably including some key roles.


    Years 7, 9 and 12 students will:
    • Together with other applicants, take part in a practical Drama workshop, where they will have improvisational tasks to complete, to test their creative and imaginative thinking.
    • Perform one monologue (no longer than 2 minutes) – this can either be classical or contemporary and will test natural ability.
    • Have an interview, in which the student will discuss their monologue performance and their experience of drama and the theatre.

    ** International students who study abroad will be required to submit the assessment tasks via digital means and will have an online interview.

    Drama Scholars’ Programme

    A Leading Role: Drama Scholars are truly passionate and enthusiastic about the subject. As part of their own personal development, they will embrace opportunities to play key roles in group tasks and offer support to other students when needed, for example, in directing House Drama plays, mentoring younger girls in productions or in taking the initiative to put on their own plays for the school community.

    Working Towards Mastery: The Drama department is well-resourced, with a purpose-built 350 seat theatre, theatre workshop, extensive wardrobe, and a full-time technical team. This infrastructure enables us to support and develop our Drama Scholars in whichever area of theatre is their passion. We run courses in Technical Theatre, including lighting, sound, and stage management, which feed into the technical support for school productions. In addition, we offer a variety of LAMDA courses.

    Showcasing: Drama Scholars will actively engage in opportunities to take part in school productions and the aim is to ensure a range of challenging roles during their time at Roedean.  They will also aid the directors in the general running of the productions, with tasks such as helping with communication to cast members and taking on roles of responsibility within rehearsals.   At Sixth Form level, Scholars develop their leadership skills by relishing the opportunity to support drama clubs for younger pupils.

    Community and Outreach: As well as the running of clubs and activities for younger students and peers, contributing to leading Drama within the school community, we often invite local primary schools to view performances of our junior productions.

    Trips and Workshops: As part of the Drama department’s commitment to stretching and extending the skills and experience of Scholars, there is a specially tailored programme of events throughout the academic year.

    Drama Scholars will be given the opportunity to attend the following events:

    • Workshops in different performance genres and techniques delivered by Roedean staff.

    • Workshops led by visiting specialists.

    • Workshops at local theatres.

    • Theatre trips for Scholars.

    • Masterclasses.

    Mentoring: There are termly mentoring meetings for Drama Scholars and each student is encouraged to keep a record of their Drama achievements and experiences at Roedean to be able to reflect on, and develop, her practice.

  • Dance

    Who should apply?

    Years 7 and 9 students who are dancing at Grade 4 standard or equivalent in one genre.
    Year 12 who are dancing at Intermediate standard or equivalent in one genre.

    Years 7, 9 and 12 will be required to:
    • Perform two dances in different genres, or two contrasting styles if only one genre has been studied, to gauge their physical potential, technical foundation, musicality, and performance skills. Engagement with ‘warm-up’ exercises will also be observed.
    • Show creativity and musicality in an improvisation exercise.
    • Have an interview, in which the student will discuss their dance training, passion and experience.

    ** International students who study abroad will be required to submit the assessment takes via digital means and will have an online interview.

    Dance Scholars’ Programme

    A Leading Role: Dance Scholars are ambassadors for dance at Roedean. As they rise through the years, there are opportunities to run dance activities for younger girls, mentor younger students within their classes and activities and lead rehearsals. Dance Scholars are invited to be involved in the House Dance Competition. Involvement could include being the House Director or Assistant House Director, positions which are usually offered to Sixth Form students. The Junior Scholars could develop their performance skills by participating in one of the required dances for the House competition.

    Working Towards Mastery: Within the department, there is a very strong co-curricular dance programme which complements and works around the academic timetable. This includes the Royal Academy of Dance for Ballet, and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance for Modern and Tap, both from beginners to Advanced 2, and the Jazz Awards up to Gold. Students with a Dance Award can participate in the lessons on offer at Roedean and progress through the dance examinations to help extend and develop their skills.

    Showcasing: Dance Scholars relish the chance to perform in the annual Dance Showcase in a group or solo number, and perform their own choreography, but they could also be getting involved backstage with choreography, or with costume, hair, and makeup.
    Dance Scholar classes are offered weekly. These sessions involve working towards performances for showcases as well as developing technique, strength and conditioning and choreography. Weekly dance fitness classes are also available for Dance Scholars to attend. Other occasions where Dance Scholars will be given the opportunity to perform are Open Days, House Dance, Scholars’ Evenings, Informal Showings, and workshops.

    Community and Outreach: Roedean’s Dance Scholars are encouraged to try and learn new dance styles but also are also empowered to master their skills in their chosen genre of dance. We firmly believe in sharing this opportunity with others so, alongside mentoring roles within the Roedean community, we are seeking to develop roles where our scholars can be ambassadors for dance in schools with whom we have a partnership.

    Trips and Workshops: Trips and visiting dance troupes are offered throughout the year for a pupil with a Dance Scholarship or Exhibition award. These may be dance or theatre trips, helping to further develop her appreciation of dance, and her creativity. Workshops are also offered throughout the year to provide opportunities to develop skills in different styles of dance.

    Mentoring: A Roedean Dance Scholar will be guided on how to improve her skills in various genres of dance. Each Dance Scholar will have the opportunity to discuss her projects regularly with a mentor to reflect on her progress and independent pursuits.

  • Music

    Who should apply?

    Years 7 and 9 students who can offer at least two instruments or one instrument and voice and be playing or singing at Grade 4-5 standard or equivalent on the main instrument or voice.
    Year 12 students should offer two instruments or one instrument and voice and be playing or singing at Grade 6-7 standard or equivalent on their main instrument or voice.
    Students of promise offering one instrument, rather than two, will always be given due consideration.


    Years 7, 9 and 12:

    • The assessment requires two contrasting pieces- these can both be on your main instrument or voice, or one can be on a second instrument/voice.

    • Where appropriate please bring accompaniment as piano sheet music if possible, otherwise, please bring a backing track on your own device in advance.

    • There will be a sight-reading test and aural tests.

    • This will be followed by a discussion of your musical interests to show your passion.

    • Your audition will be with the Director of Music and Assistant Director of Music.

    ** International students who study abroad will be required to submit the assessment takes via digital means and will have an online interview.

    Music Scholars’ Programme

    A Leading Role: Music Scholars are highly valued members of the Roedean community. They take a leading role in every aspect of school music, in both curricular and co-curricular work and help to uphold the long tradition of exceptional music at Roedean as mentors to other musicians. They enjoy a varied programme of musical participation and challenge, and work hard to make excellent progress in their instrumental or vocal studies; inspiring others to follow their example.

    A typical scholar might take a leading role in the various ensembles and will also participate in the wide variety of groups such as Orchestra, String Ensemble, Band, Choirs, or Chamber groups. They will appear as soloists in recitals, Chapel services and concerts. Scholars enjoy attending the weekly rehearsals where they may lead sections as appropriate. They help others to progress in their music-making by supporting them in rehearsals and concerts.

    Working Towards Mastery: Music Scholars will embrace the opportunity to take Music at GCSE level in Years 10 and 11 and Sixth Form Music Scholars will have the chance to enjoy the challenges of Music A level.
    Roedean has a fantastic team of instrumental and vocal teachers for private lessons, and we encourage all Music Scholars to make the most of the opportunity of learning in school. For those looking to broaden their experience, we offer a programme of supported instrumental lessons on instruments such as the bassoon, the French horn, the double bass, and other instruments on application.

    Showcasing: There are opportunities to take part in solo and chamber music concerts in school and at other venues in Brighton and the surrounding areas, as well as on our International Music Tours. Our Scholars frequently take the lead in our popular Gala Concerts in the Autumn and Spring terms and, also, as major soloists in concerto movements in our high-profile Brighton Festival Fringe concert held each year in May. There are also Evening recitals in the Spring and Summer term.

    Community and Outreach: Music is at the heart of Roedean, and our scholars are frequently given opportunities to set the tone and perform for our community in assemblies, chapel services and teatime recitals. Scholars may provide mentoring or accompaniment for younger students and benefit from playing alongside professional musicians in some concerts.

    In recent years, Music Scholars have been involved in setting up ukulele classes and a choir in a local primary school, playing a concert for the Blind Veterans at the local care home and busking to raise money for charities. All our concerts have a retiring collection and raise considerable funds for Roedean’s charitable causes.

    Trips and Workshops: A series of masterclasses and workshops are held each year for our scholars and other talented musicians to receive coaching from visiting professional instrumentalists, singers, conductors, and composers. Scholars in Key Stage Three are also able to enjoy working with their year group in workshops which in recent years have included Samba (with The Beat Goes On) and Gamelan (with the Royal College of Music) among others. Regular trips also take place alongside opportunities to perform.

    Mentoring: A Roedean Music Scholar is encouraged to recognise and take ownership of her own practice and how to improve to move her comfort zone into new and exciting areas. To this end, each Music Scholar will have the opportunity to discuss her projects regularly with a mentor to reflect and identify the next steps to fulfil her ambitions.

  • Art

    Who should apply?

    Years 7, 9 and 12 students who have a range of art skills and can demonstrate a high level of creativity.


    Years 7, 9 and 12 students will:

    • Participate in a practical assessment which will include a drawing task and a problem-solving activity.
    • Have an interview to discuss their knowledge, skills, and interest in art, together with a range of questions related to their favourite artists.
    • Be required to submit a digital portfolio with the application of current work, which can include drawings, pictures, and paintings, as well as 2D or 3D work.

    ** International students who study abroad will be required to submit the assessment takes via digital means and will have an online interview.

    Art Scholar’s Programme

    A Leading Role: In the Art & Design department, Art Scholars demonstrate curiosity and a real enthusiasm for visual arts. They embrace opportunities to get involved with activities and events within their areas of scholarship and take every opportunity to communicate more widely about their artistic interests with their teachers and peers.

    At Sixth Form, Art Scholars can benefit from taking examinations early or engaging with wide range of supra curricular opportunities. This has the potential to make studying art at the Sixth Form a bespoke and highly tailored experience. Most importantly, Art Scholars will take risks and learn from mistakes as part of the learning process to hone their artistic skills throughout their time at Roedean.

    Working Towards Mastery: We understand that Art Scholars will be passionate about, and conscientious in, their work. The art studio is available for their use outside of lessons and into the evenings so they can work on their projects. We also deliver a wide variety of evening and weekend courses, for example in life drawing, printmaking, and ceramics to provide opportunities for scholars to extend their breadth of understanding and depth of technical proficiency across a range of media and processes.

    KS3 Art Scholars are invited to termly artist-led masterclasses. These have covered painting, bookbinding, ceramics, and sculpture and give students the opportunity to work on a skill beyond the curriculum. KS4 and KS5 masterclasses have covered etching, screen printing, natural dyeing, and most recently, an exciting evening of fashion styling and photography.

    Showcasing: Scholars will be given the opportunity to display and exhibit their own work in the school in one of the three main annual exhibitions. Art Scholars are encouraged to enter competitions, including the Royal Academy Young Artists Summer Show. Supporting the Art Department at Open Days and Evenings is also important and gives students the opportunity to share and communicate their skills and passion for this subject with their peers and the wider community.

    Community and Outreach: Art Scholars are given the opportunity to design and contribute to artwork that benefits the wider community. Most recently, Roedean Art Scholars have learnt how to make withy sculptures in a masterclass with artist Michelle Dufaur. The scholars subsequently led workshops at St Mark’s Primary School, teaching Year 6 students the skills they had learnt and worked collaboratively to produce sculptures for a forest art trail. In the coming year there will be the opportunity to get involved in the design of a sculpture for ‘Shaun by The Sea’ the latest exciting art trail around Brighton to support The Martlets.

    Trips and Workshops: Various trips, workshops, and artists’ talks are run throughout the year and Art Scholars are invited to join in these events, even outside their normal year group. They are also encouraged to attend lectures at galleries and high-level art establishments to understand better what is on offer in higher education.

    Mentoring: Roedean Art Scholars are willing to be mentored by members of the department to develop their artistic skills and interests towards finding and achieving their ambitions.

Application Process

Students in Years 7, 9 and 12 joining Roedean in 2024

All students who are eligible to apply for scholarship funding will be able to access application forms in the Roedean Admissions Portal.

Current students moving up into Years 9 and 12 in 2024

Scholarship applications only will be made available in the Autumn term. 

Scholarship Application Deadlines (where applicable)

Year 7:             24 November 2023

Year 9:             24 November 2023

Year 12:           27 October 2023