Full Boarding


Many girls are full boarders, and there are over 330 girls on site at the weekends, enjoying lots of activities on Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays.

In addition to your bedroom, there are a variety of spaces where you can work or relax, play games, or practise the piano. In each house, there is an ODR (the Old Dining Room), perhaps the symbolic heart of the house, where you can catch up with your friends at the end of the day. There is also the GDR (the so-called ‘Girls’ Dining Room’, although it is now a common room), with a television and DVD player, and the Hobbies’ Room which has games and puzzles to enjoy in the evening.

You will be fed very well in the Main Dining Room for all meals, but you also have the option of making toast or preparing pasta in the evening, and this can be done in the pantry kitchen which is next to the ODR, where there are cookers, hobs, and fridges, or in the ‘snug areas’ on the Lower and Middle corridors.

The weekend programme is full and varied, and it caters to the interests of the girls – there are trips to museums and galleries in London, sporting activities such as horse-riding and windsurfing, and pottery painting, ice-skating, and the Christmas market near Brighton, to name just a few.


Alicia, Year 9

My favourite thing about boarding is that it’s like living with your friends even though I do not share a room. I love the fact that I get to experience the aspect of being a boarder and that I always have exciting stories to tell my parents.

“The top floor in each house is called ‘heaven’ – with such amazing views over the sea, this is not far off.”

— Good Schools Guide 2020 —