At Roedean, all girls have the chance to stretch themselves intellectually.

By going beyond classroom learning and challenging themselves to think and research widely, they gain hugely stimulating benefits, including helping them with curriculum subjects.

There are enrichment opportunities in all subjects, from undergraduate Maths courses at Sussex University and Maths Challenges at all levels, to undertaking subject-specific projects, entering national essay competitions, and taking part in the national Top of the Bench Chemistry competition and the Biology Olympiads.

Academic Lectures

The weekly programme of academic lectures, open to all girls, comprises an eclectic mix of fields and disciplines, designed to challenge, extend, and broaden intellects. Some lectures are given by visiting speakers and others by Roedean staff, who enjoy the opportunity of revealing a particular passion to the students. Recent examples include: ‘The Unravelling of the Versailles Treaty’, ‘What is poetry?’ (featuring Soviet poetry), ‘Postmodernist Thought’, and ‘Big Numbers’.

Academic Mentoring Project

Every girl in Years 7-10 can participate in the Academic Mentoring Project, which involves intensive research into a topic and developing presentation skills. An external specialist visits us to work with the girls on engaging their audience which is always an enjoyable session. The sheer diversity of the girls’ chosen topics is constantly fascinating.


Trips offer opportunities for Roedean girls to explore new ideas, cultures and landscapes in meaningful ways that help to develop their academic learning. Trips this year include a Geography trip to Iceland, an Art trip to Barcelona, a Spanish trip to Valencia, Music trips to Prague and the Steinway factory in Hamburg and a broad range of trips closer to home.

‘The high quality of pupils’ discussion in class suggests they are well accustomed to thinking through the various elements required to make decisions in different situations.’

— ISI Nov 2021 —