Message from the Chair of Council of Roedean School

25 March 2024

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I was delighted to be appointed as Chair of Roedean Council in January 2024, having previously served as Chair of Education and Safeguarding following my appointment to Council in 2023.

I would like to thank my predecessor Guy Perricone and am looking forward to leading Council in the development of Roedean’s strategy as we move towards our 150th anniversary in 2035.

Roedean is a wonderful, diverse and ambitious community, committed to delivering the very best of all girls boarding and day education.

As with all independent schools, we can never stand still, but must seek to innovate and to continually improve all that we do. There are inevitably challenges as well as exciting opportunities as we look to the future.

As I set out at the recent AGM of the Corporation my prime aim is bringing “unity of purpose” to our work. I am delighted to be working with Council and the Senior Leadership Team of the School as we develop the School’s next five year plan and its strategy in the lead up to our 150th anniversary in 2035.

I am equally committed to engaging with and listening to feedback as part of our strategy development, and by working together with all stakeholders – staff, students, parents, ORs and Governors – I am determined to help shape a strong future for Roedean as one of the UK’s premier girls’ schools.

In coming months I look forward to meeting many more pupils, parents and ORs, whose insights and feedback will be key in shaping our future. For the same reason, at the AGM it was wonderful to meet a range of OR Governors, and I am delighted to be joined on Council by the new elected trustees.

The results of the AGM elections are that Karoline Molberg OR has been re-elected to Council, and Althea Wolfe (former parent), Natalie O’Connell (current parent) and Camilla Macpherson OR were also all elected.

All bring significant knowledge of the School and its holistic ethos, and a range of valuable skills to Council. All have a deep commitment to helping Roedean continues to meet its aim to inspire and challenge every student to develop her strengths and passions, to seek the highest academic and personal standards for herself and to develop strong foundations for the future in a rapidly changing world.

The Annual Report for 2021-22 is available to those interested in reading more about the governance, leadership and management of Roedean. This can be found at Roedean Annual Report & Financial Statements – Year Ended 31 August 2022 by Roedean School – Issuu. The 2023 Annual Report will be published later this year.