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Head of School

I have loved immersing myself in all Performing Arts opportunities at Roedean, including being the Musical Director of Six the musical

Meet Galina

I have been at Roedean since year 7 and I am delighted to be one of the heads of school this year. My time at Roedean has been instrumental in shaping me into the confident, curious, and passionate young woman I am today.

During my time here, I’ve fully immersed myself in every area of school life. I have represented the school in sports matches, succeeded academically, and lead outreach projects, I’ve embraced every opportunity with enthusiasm. However, it’s within the performing arts departments where I’ve truly thrived. Recently playing the lead role of Elle Woods in Roedean’s production of “Legally Blonde” has been a highlight of my time on stage, however I was also able to musical direct ‘Six: the musical’. It was an immense role as I was leading the stage performers and the live band whilst also being responsible for the technical side of the music. Throughout the rehearsal process I was also able to develop my skills in accompanying, conducting and leadership. 

As someone who has aspirations of pursuing a career in classical music, I’ve received outstanding support for my passion at Roedean. It was incredible to perform a concerto at the annual concert held at the Brighton Fringe Festival this year – a highlight of my musical career. One of my other musical highlights was when we took the school Orchestra and Choir to Prague to perform a series of concerts across the city, I was lucky enough to perform as the soloist in the Mozart Clarinet Quintet: it was a truly memorable trip!

As head of school, I’m committed to inspiring and guiding the younger students, just as I was inspired during my time in the lower years. I aim to embody the school values of hard work, happiness, and compassion. At Roedean, we not only excel academically but also develop essential life skills such as leadership, teamwork, and resilience—qualities that will undoubtedly serve us well in our future endeavours.

Reflecting on my journey, I’m grateful for the countless opportunities and unwavering support I’ve received at Roedean. I’ve never experienced a dull moment here, and my interests and passions have always been wholeheartedly supported. Roedean has provided me with a nurturing environment where I’ve been able to grow academically, artistically, and personally.