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Roedean Year 13 Students Excel in University Offers

17 January 2024

In a remarkable display of academic prowess, our Year 13 students have achieved an impressive 106 university offers through UCAS.

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In a remarkable display of academic prowess, our Year 13 students have achieved an impressive 106 university offers through UCAS. Among these outstanding achievements, special congratulations are for Carmen (see pictured), who has recently secured an unconditional offer to pursue a BA (Hons) in Fashion at Kingston University – a prestigious institution renowned for its top-ranking fashion design course in the UK.

Carmen’s acceptance into the BA (Hons) in Fashion at Kingston University marks a significant milestone, as the program is not only one of the highest-ranking courses for fashion design in the UK but also holds the prestigious title of being the number 1 course in London. Boasting robust industry connections, the university has earned badges of excellence from the business of fashion – a distinction shared by only four institutions worldwide. This illustrious program has produced alumni who have gone to work in renowned fashion houses such as Burberry, Calvin Klein, Paul Smith, and Alexander McQueen.

Diverse Range of University Offers

The Year 13 cohort’s success extends beyond the realm of fashion, with a total of 106 offers from various universities received well before the application deadline. These offers span an array of disciplines, including Archaeology, Photography, Law, Marine Biology, and Liberal Arts and Sciences, reflecting the diverse academic interests and ambitions of the students. The early receipt of offers underscores the academic excellence and dedication exhibited by Year 13 students.

International Recognition

The achievements of Year 13 students are not confined to the UK, as a number of them have set their sights on prestigious international universities. Applications to institutions in Hong Kong, Thailand, America, Holland, and other global destinations have yielded positive results. Notably, Phoebe deserves heartfelt congratulations for securing an unconditional place to study Liberal Arts at Columbia University, adding an international dimension to the Year 13 success story.

The Year 13 students have undoubtedly distinguished themselves through their remarkable academic achievements and university acceptances. As they embark on their higher education journeys, these students serve as inspirations to their peers and a testament to the success that dedication, passion, and hard work can achieve. We look forward to witnessing their continued accomplishments as they pursue their academic and professional aspirations. To find out more about the university destinations of our students make sure to head over to our results page.