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Head of School

I love how Roedean has so many unique and meaningful experiences to offer to students.

I am so grateful to have the honour of being given the role of Head of School for the 2024-25 academic year. Since I’ve joined Roedean in Year 9, I have received immense love and support from everyone and have been provided with many opportunities both musically and academically. I have loved performing in various productions, both as a soloist in the Brighton Fringe Festival previously and in Legally Blonde the Musical, which helped me nurture my passions for musical theatre. Earlier this year, I was nominated as the Allied Degrees Director of the school’s Medicine Society and I have really enjoyed working alongside like-minded people and strive together for similar goals.

As someone planning on pursuing a STEM career, having the chance to participate in many national competitions, such as the Salter’s Insitute Chemistry Changemakers Award, will be very helpful for my university applications. I really enjoyed being able to apply the knowledge I have learnt in class and come up with solutions for current global problems. During the past few years, Roedean has helped me to become a well-rounded student and I have loved taking part in co-curricular activities as well as enjoying my lessons.

I love how Roedean has so many unique and meaningful experiences to offer to students. For the past two terms I have been volunteering at Chailey Heritage Foundation as a part of my Community Action Project where my group delivered a sensory music lesson for the students there. I am also a part of the Moldova 125 project this year, during which I will get the chance to teach English to Ukrainian refugees in Moldova. These experiences have taught me more about community engagement and the importance Roedean’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond the school grounds.

What I hope to achieve as Head of School is a sincere endeavour to create the ultimate Roedean experience for everyone. I am beyond excited to start implementing new ideas and continue our legacy here at Roedean.

I have genuinely enjoyed my time here throughout the past few years. I have realised that Roedean isn’t just a school to me anymore, it is the place where I’ve made lifelong memories, embarked on the journey of self-discovery and the place where I can truly call my second home.