Roedean School Open Day Saturday, 2nd March, 10am to 1pm

Using your very own Roedean passport, adventure through the corridors and across the campus deciphering clues and unlocking the answers to earn your passport stamps.

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Day Pupil

I always head over to the Houses for tea, which ranges from samosas to doughnuts – and there's always fruit too!

“I take the bus into school every day, which gets in at about 8.15am, then we go in to form time. I find that form time is a good time to catch up with your friends and a great way to start the morning off, but sometimes I do use the time to do some prep from earlier in the week.

As Art is a passion of mine, I do really enjoy the Art lessons, it’s also the reason why I chose it as a GCSE subject. However, I am always looking forward to Maths lessons since Maths is also another favourite subject of mine. We can do up to two activities a day, one after lunch and one after school.

My favourite activity I have chosen this term is probably the Student Newspaper since I feel like it will be a very interesting way to learn more about what’s going on around the school. Once our final lesson is over at 3.45, I always head over the Houses for tea, which ranges from samosas to doughnuts – and there’s always fruit too!”